Websites can be more than just marketing tools. They can turn a regional service into a global one, and they help automate and organise the running of your business. Every business has its own unique needs, which is why sometimes out-of-the-box website solutions do not always meet your requirements. Cyber Fox’s specialist web developers can help, as we can build bespoke web applications from the ground up, to your exact specifications. Whether you’re looking for an internal CRM system to help you store customer data or you’re looking to integrate an existing website with niche third-party software, we can provide the right solution.

Unlike other web developers, we have real inhouse programmers who understand the fundamental technologies of the web. Other companies will make extensive use of third-party themes and plugins to reduce the need for advanced development expertise, even when it means their customers do not get what’s best for them. Cyber Fox operates in an entirely different way, perhaps primarily because one of the founders is a senior web developer! We really excel in the kind of projects other companies struggle to complete because our developers enjoy challenging themselves, and they have the proven expertise to confidently complete projects to specification and on-time.We have deep experience in a wide range of bespoke web development, and we can show examples of the following types of project:

  • CRM systems
  • EPOS systems integrated with an ecommerce website
  • Mobile apps
  • Price calculators and quote generators
  • Online booking systems and reservation systems
  • VRM lookup and car part application guide
  • Sage integration
  • Amazon and eBay integration
  • Payment gateway integration


The potential of the web is infinite, and as expert web developers we are capable of providing solutions to match almost any need, so why not make use of our free consultation and discuss your ideas with us, either by giving us a call or emailing us!


Case Study:

Ecu Data Application

After working on their main sites, Top Gear asked us to create a bespoke tool for their customers to allow them to easily see what performance gains their vehicle could see with ECU remapping.

The application makes use of VRM lookup integration which allows customers to put in their car’s registration and the system can then automatically match up their precise vehicle to the relevant performance data. Top Gear can edit all this information, and even leave notes for their engineers!

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