It may sound obvious, but the primary purpose of your website is to help grow your business. A good website is your most powerful marketing tool, and yet very often it is neglected by businesses that do not immediately achieve the results they desire. The internet allows your business to communicate with local, regional and global audiences however it is becoming ever more competitive, and it is increasingly harder to stand out. This is why Cyber Fox specialise in conversion-focused web design, using our vast expertise and experience to tailor every solution to fit each of our customer’s individual needs.

In order to maximise your business’s potential online, your website needs to look good, provide a great user experience on all devices, load quickly and most importantly, be easy to find on search engines and social media. Many websites fail to meet these criteria, even those of large international brands. Their loss can be your gain. More so than ever before, search engines like Google will penalise websites that are slow, or do not work well on tablets and mobiles in favour of those that do – after all, a user browsing on a mobile phone would prefer to only see search results that are optimised for their device. As can be seen in our article about why responsive websites are essential smartphone and tablet usage exceeded desktop and laptop usage in 2014, and by 2015 52% of people in the UK said mobiles or tablets were the most important device for browsing the internet.


What makes Cyber Fox different?

All of our websites are responsive

Responsive web design is the art of crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience across all internet-ready devices including mobiles, tablets and desktops. Many web design companies still charge extra for responsive websites, Cyber Fox believe that as a majority of internet users in the UK primarily use mobiles and tablets to browse, that website should be responsive as standard.


Our websites are always fast

Many of today’s web designers unfortunately lack the proper coding expertise to build bespoke solutions from the ground up. Some will use pre-made templates or DIY website builders, which are very often bloated and slow because they are intended to cater for a very wide base of customers. In other cases, when making a website responsive, some developers will simply ‘strip down’ the desktop version which leads to poor performance on slower connections and devices. Everything we build is tailor-made from the ground-up, and follows the progressive enhancement principle, which means we start with the smallest, least powerful devices and add complexity only if a device can support it.


We are results driven

We know that a website’s value to a company is in how much business it brings, and so we always use our proven commercial experience to try and maximise the return on our customer’s investment. We want Cyber Fox itself to grow from referrals and a great reputation and the best way to do that is have a continuous record of providing success to our customers. We will always consult with you throughout the web design process, and thereafter, sharing each other’s ideas and giving the best advice on maximising your website’s potential.

We give you the power

We’re always around to help, but we like to give our customers the ability of managing their own content, which is why all of our websites are built with a Content Management System (CMS) as standard. A CMS will allow you easily change text and images on your website, and quickly create new pages or news articles. We specialise in using WordPress, which is the most widely used CMS in the world because it is easy to use, highly customisable and very fast.