Digital Marketing & SEO

For many businesses, websites are purely marketing tools created with the sole purpose of increasing business. Websites only serve as effective marketing tools however, if they themselves are marketed properly, particularly through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The internet has become a very competitive place for businesses looking to promote themselves online which is why it is vital that every advantage that can be gained over your competitors is utilised.

Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of modifying websites so that they appear as high as possible in search results on websites like Google and Bing. In the past having lots of backlinks and good content was enough to ensure a great deal of success on search engines, however as competition online has increased, and mobile users have grown, there are no longer any quick-fixes when it comes to marketing websites online. Instead websites need to be constantly updated and optimised, taking notice of changes in search engine algorithms and the behaviour patterns of internet users. Staying ahead of the curve requires up-to-date knowledge and consistent maintenance work, which is where we come in.

We believe in long-term success and so we will always choose what’s best for your business overall, not just quick fixes that ultimately offer no real benefit. We also believe in transparency, which is why we will keep in regular contact and produce reports detailing current results and our plans moving forward.

Our digital marketing packages

Guide pricing for our packages

Dedicated account manager   
Monthly SEO reports   
Monthly consultation   
Google Analytics setup   
Campaign tracking   
Strategic planning   
Keyword analysis   
Competitor research   
Content optimisation   
Page title and meta descriptions   
Structured data (rich snippets)   
Landing page creation   
User-experience optimisation   
PageSpeed optimisation   
Email template design   
Mobile usability improvements   
Monthly email campaign   
Content creation£150 per article*£140 per article *£125 per article *
PPC keyword analysis, campaign setup and management (AdWords, Bing ads etc.)£200£180£150
Social media setupFrom £150From £150
Monthly priceFrom £99From £249From £499

All of our packages are flexible and tailored to your businesses’ needs. The prices above are just a guidance and we encourage you to get a free initial consultation with us to find out exactly what we can offer you with some guaranteed prices.

* Price quoted is for a 500 word blog article