With the power of the web, the potential for businesses to optimise their interaction with their customers is enormous. Web application CRMs have both the benefits of traditional desktop software and online applications! They can be tailored to the needs of a business with the added benefit of being available anywhere in the world!

Here at Cyber Fox we specialise in creating bespoke CRM systems for businesses looking to optimise their workflow and improve data security. Whether you are just looking for a simple online database to store customer information, or you need a fully-featured, large-scale CRM system with automated invoices and Sage integration, we can provide you with a complete solution.We are available for face-to-face meetings or through email or telephone. Once we have understood your requirements we will then produce you a comprehensive proposal with a guaranteed price and timeframe.

We would love to discuss your project and our initial consultations are always free, so why not get in touch and share your ideas with us today!

CRM System

Why use Cyber Fox to build your CRM?

  1. We understand that every business is different. We will build your system from the ground up to match your exact specifications. If your business has any unique quirks, or if there is functionality that would make life easier for you, we will take the time to provide your perfect solution.
  2. We are security experts. Our CRM systems are built with top-level security practices. In addition, if you use one of our web hosting packages we will take daily backups of your website and database. Ensuring any data loss, even if accidental, is kept to an absolute minimum.
  3. All of our work works on any device. If you needed to view a customer’s information on your mobile while on the go, that is no problem at all!
  4. We can offer great prices and turnaround times. With experience comes efficiency and so we thoroughly believe that while other web companies may match us for price, very few can match us for value.