Having a great timeline cover photo is perhaps the most important part of your business’ Facebook page. It is sometimes the first thing relating to your business that prospective customers will see. Everyone knows first impressions really matter! Unfortunately, due to the need to minimise bandwidth and hosting costs, Facebook has a rather zealous approach to resizing and compression cover photos. In order to bypass their resizing and compression you must meet two main criteria. If your cover photo has the wrong dimensions or is above a certain file size, Facebook will take matters into its own hands and you will end up with a blurry, low quality image.

Cover photo dimensions

Facebook cover photo size in Photoshop Fortunately, with a little know-how, these problems are easy to overcome. The first thing we must check is the image’s dimensions. The perfect size for Facebook cover photos is 851px x 315px. You can use programs such as Adobe’s Photoshop to make sure your desired cover photo fits these dimensions. Make sure you resize your images properly, using a program like Microsoft’s Paint will do a very unsatisfactory job. There are online tools like PicResize that can help you if you do not have good image editing software on your computer.

Cover photo file size

Facebook cover Photoshop save dialogThe next step is to ensure the file size is kept below 100KB. We always keep ours below 90KB, just to be sure. If you’re unsure about this then you can use a tool like Compressor.io which allow you to losslessly compress your images. It is not guaranteed that they will fall below 100KB however. For those with image editing software like PhotoShop, you can play with the compression level of jpegs in the Save Dialog. Make sure you use the progressive or optimized format. Also make sure the file size (displayed below the preview checkbox) is less than 100KB by adjusting the quality setting.

And that’s it! If your image is the correct dimensions and less than 100KB then Facebook shouldn’t make any changes to your cover photo. It will look as good as when you designed it! If you would like help with any of your businesses’  social media design, then please get in touch for a free consultation!