Cyber Fox was founded in April 2016 by Adam Lanning-Molyneux and Richard Bellamy, having recognised a need for a service-centric and personable approach to web development in an ever changing digital world. Whilst there are countless web designers out there, very few take it upon themselves to remain at the forefront of design trends and development techniques. Instead of enhancing their ability to code, many developers choose to use pre-made themes and sell them as their own work with little care about the impact (or lack of) that this can have on the client’s company. We on the other hand, look to reintroduce trust through a quality product, an exemplary work ethic and passion for your business.

Here at Cyber Fox we have a refined combination of experience in building innovative websites, business knowledge and customer service. With 7 years professional web design experience spanning small local businesses to large national organisations and a further 10 years experience in business management and customer service, we are in a prime position to make your on-line presence known. Whether you are working within a budget or to a strict time-scale, whether your project is big or small, Cyber Fox has a solution for you.

The Cyber Fox Approach

Why are we different?

Girl showing off a website

We rely on our customers to sell our services

At Cyber Fox we don’t just want to provide you with a website, we want to provide you with a long term and reliable source of continual on-line success through building strong relationships, future proofing your website and being adaptable to your needs. Your level of involvement in the project is up to you as we understand that you have a business to run, but we also recognise that no one understands your business the way you do so we seek to draw on that information in order to realise your online success.

We offer the complete package

Websites built for results

Many websites never fulfil their potential because the people that designed them only cared about the visual appearance. We go to great lengths to ensure all of our websites look the part, but we recognise that what our customers care most about is the results their website achieves. We use our years of commercial experience to ensure that everything we build is fast, responsive and well optimised for end-users and search engines.

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Digital Marketing

We understand the importance of your website and appreciate the value it can add to your business. That’s why we are so committed in helping our clients make their online project such a success. We’re passionate about online marketing and recognise that to simply have a website is not enough. Marketing your website is essential as a website serves minimal purpose if it cannot be found. That is why we provide search engine optimisation to help get you the best results and really make your business stand out from crowd.

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We give you the power

All of our websites come with Content Management Systems (CMS) as standard. We strive to make sure your solution user friendly, allowing you to manage and edit content as and when you desire,  we will also provide you with full training on your development solution. Should you not wish to make future alterations yourself, we are also more than happy to offer website maintenance packages.

Customer focused

We pride ourselves on customer service and firmly believe that the best solution is a collaborative one. Through consultation we want to get to know your business and what makes it tick, gain insight into your vision and understand exactly what is you want from your website. Whether that means spending time within your workplace with you and your team or through meetings at our offices, we believe a profound understanding is essential in getting your project right from the onset. From this we will be able to identify and discuss the various options and approaches available to help achieve your development projects objectives. In understanding your goals, we will be in a strong position to guide you through the various marketing approaches at our disposal and agree on the approach that’s right for you and your business.

If you like what you have seen, head over to our contact page and get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.